Security by Design provides your company with complete ongoing security solutions. Our team of highly experienced engineers can manage your entire network security from the inside out. Better yet, we can typically provide our security solutions within the framework of your existing IT budget. So even if you can’t afford in-house security expertise, you can still have access to top-notch consultants who can help you secure your data and reduce your risks.

In today’s cost-conscious business environment, companies are forced to do more with less. As such, in-house security expertise is often out of budget. But that doesn’t mean the need for this critical expertise isn’t essential. You need an affordable solution to address this vital need. That is where Security By Design comes in.

Our monthly service plans are all-inclusive. Not only will we install firewall/VPN hardware, we’ll continue to upgrade or even replace it while you maintain the plan. In addition, we’ll provide software updates and patches as necessary—all at no additional charge. This way, your ongoing security solution is effective and affordable.

Recently an anonymous "dummy" server was set up as a test - the server was maliciously attacked 467 times within 24 hours of being connected to the Internet.

The Palo Alto Networks (PANW) firewall provides cutting-edge network security for more than 60,000 enterprise customers around the world. As a seven-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, PANW is also a winner of the SANS Best of 2016 award holds a "recommended" rating in the NSS Labs 2018 NGFW Group Test. The By Design family of companies is a Palo Alto Innovator partner, and our trained and highly-experienced staff can help your company meet and exceed its network security goals.

Our services extend well beyond offering the best firewall available. We provide a complete, ongoing solution for your specific needs. Let us show you how to affordably give your network the security it needs!