Mail By Design was created specifically to address the requests from our clients to control SPAM and it’s spiraling costs. With that objective in mind, we analyzed the problem and the available solutions. While no single product will block 100% of your spam, there are current technologies available that will significantly curb spam. As such, Mail By Design has developed a fully managed anti-spam appliance that is 95+% effective, requires very little administrative input and is cost efficient.

Evios is a fully managed enterprise class anti-spam appliance deployed at your Internet gateway that filters spam and blocks viruses before they get into your network. Evios makes e-mail communication more useful and secure. Time proven technology combined with flexible configuration result in a 95+% spam catch rate. Click here to learn more.

Evios is a fully managed appliance which means your network administrator will not be burdened by updates, patches or maintenance to the box. MBD will provide those services in addition to off-site back-ups, future software revisions and emergency hardware replacement.

Call today and we’ll set you up with a free, no obligation 30 day demonstration of Evios. Because Evios is so flexible, we can set up a specific network segment or a few designated e-mail accounts for the demo.