The R.J. Liebe Company is the leader in Athletic lettering. Since 1923, they have set the standard for “on field image” in professional sports. Over the years, they have developed many new fabrics and lettering styles that make Liebe the choice of the pros. R.J. Liebe utilizes state of the art machinery to deliver the best possible product in the industry.

“We operate on very short turn around times on some of our items, and email is critical to our operation,” states Jimmy Liebe, Operations Director at The Liebe Company. “Mail from important clients had been getting lost in some of our customer service employee mailboxes because of all the junk mail, resulting in costly delays,” continued Liebe.

The Liebe Company knew they needed to find a product that would not only reduce their spam without losing valid emails, but also required the system to be autonomous as they don’t have a dedicated IT staff to maintain the network. Over a recent holiday, Mr. Liebe’s inbox had been flooded with over 1700 messages. However, with Evios identifying and labeling spam messages, his inbox received less than 10% of those messages and the rest were directed via his email client to a “spam” folder. “The time savings I realize more than pays for the Evios system and allows me to focus on my customers rather than on cleaning out my inbox.”

R.J. Liebe selected Evios for their enterprise anti-spam solution due to its exceptional spam detection capabilities, low administrative requirement, and fully managed service. Liebe’s assessment of Evios: “We’ve become so confident in its ability to filter email, that we’re ready to have the system delete all “spam” classified messages without our intervention.” Evios reduced their overall email volume by 88% thereby to reducing stress on their mail server and internal network resources.



R.J. Liebe Company

Lettering for athletic uniforms

Location and Size:
St. Louis, Missouri
160 email accounts

Business Requirements:

Mail By Design's Evios Managed Enterprise Anti-spam Appliance