Evios is a fully managed enterprise class anti-spam appliance deployed at your Internet gateway that filters spam and blocks viruses before they get into your network. Evios makes e-mail communication more useful and secure. Time proven technology combined with flexible configuration result in a 95+% spam catch rate.

Why do you need a mail filtering solution?
Email is the life-blood of many businesses today. Unfortunately, SPAM, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), threatens to overwhelm corporate network infrastructure, network and server administrators’ already-busy schedules, mail server resources, and user inboxes. Legitimate messages are buried under inboxes overflowing with unwanted messages, or simply get lost in the shuffle due to overtaxed servers and infrastructure.

SPAM accounts for 50-90+% of all incoming email volume for most of our customers.

Why do I need a managed Evios Mail Appliance?
Most products or services that claim to filter out SPAM fall short in one (or more) of several areas, including:

  • They use only a very small number of techniques to detect SPAM
  • Worse, they use some of these techniques as a definitive classification of spam or not spam.
  • They use techniques that require the product or service to be “trained” by the mail users (most users will not do this!)
  • They operate after the message has already touched the mail server – which limits the types of analysis that can be performed, and wastes even more resources at the mail server

To greatly improve accuracy, Evios uses a comparatively large number of techniques to detect SPAM, which can be tweaked (if desired) by site mail administrators, and even by end-users. (The mail administrator(s) can permit or deny this, in fine detail.)

What are the advantages of the managed Evios Mail Appliance?
Most businesses don’t have the staff or resources available in-house to implement first-class SPAM filtering. Evios allows you to affordably leverage our experienced personnel to achieve more effective results than would probably otherwise be realized using simpler techniques and products.

Among other things, Mail By Design maintains the hardware and software, constantly updates the system to meet new threats, and provides sparing. The configuration database of each Evios Mail Appliance is backed up remotely - should a hardware failure occur, a new box can be built to replace it very quickly.

Evios is very flexible – options can be set on a per-appliance, per-domain or subdomain, and even per-user level as desired.

Can Evios do anything besides filter SPAM?
Of course! Evios can, among other things:

  • Remove all executable attachments – this is extremely useful for defeating so-called Day 0 viruses and worms (Day 0 refers to a virus or worm that spreads before antivirus packages can be updated to detect them)
  • Perform detailed mail logging and reporting
  • For a traveling user, replace large attachments with a private URL – so the user isn’t forced to wait for extended periods of time when checking a POP mailbox
  • For messages from an unknown address at a competitor company, quarantine messages until either an administrator clears the message or the sender agrees to an Acceptable Use Policy, at which time the message is released
  • Eliminate “forged” messages (email with an internal From address, but which arrives from the outside)

How is the Evios Mail Appliance protected from hackers?
All network access to Evios is heavily filtered. In addition, administrative access by Mail By Design is accomplished using strong encryption and authentication.

How is Evios customized?
There is no configuration or customization of the Evios appliance required of the end users or network administrators. The default settings work extremely well in most cases. If changes are desired, they can be made through the Evios web management interface. There is a web interface for the mail administrator(s), for domain/sub-domain administrators, and for end users. All levels can be utilized, or disabled as needed.

How does Evios remove mail determined to be SPAM?
Evios by default classifies every email message into one of three categories: Not SPAM, Probable SPAM, or SPAM. If a message qualifies as SPAM or Probable SPAM, Evios can:

  • Pass the message through unaltered
  • Add a header or subject tag to the message so the mail server and/or client can treat it (for example, file it into a “SPAM” folder for review)
  • Delete the message outright

What kinds of reports does Evios generate?
Evios logs everything that goes through the box except for the body of the message. Reports can be generated for individual users, particular messages or similar messages, number of messages received, number of spam messages and percentages of legitimate mail versus spam.

How is Evios backed up?
Configuration information is backed up via secure link to Mail By Design.

Does Evios require a particular type of mail server?
No, Evios works as a mail gateway completely separate from the mail server.

Can I use Evios if I don’t have my own mail server?
Yes. The only requirement is that you have your own email domain or subdomain.

Can Evios act as my mail server?
No. Evios is an email gateway, not a server.

Do you offer any High Availability options?
Yes. Multiple appliances are able to operate in parallel for redundancy and/or load balancing.

At about what mail volume is a second appliance required?
Each Evios appliance can handle approximately 250,000 messages per day. When demand exceeds that, a second Evios box can be installed and operated in tandem.

How much does Evios cost?
Evios is available in several tiers, including:

  • Evios Lite - for smaller customers (up to 100 mailboxes) – a shared server is used for greater cost-effectiveness. Configuration flexibility is still available as it is with a dedicated appliance
  • Evios Full - one or more dedicated appliances are placed on your external network, dedicated to your email
  • Evios Pro - For service provider or high availability situations

Pricing is based on service tier plus the number of users – please call your account executive for information

Where does Evios sit in my Network?
Evios sits in front of the firewall outside your network. As such, there are no complex router or firewall configuration changes necessary.

How long does it take to install Evios?
Evios can be installed within 15 minutes. Its simplistic architecture makes installation and removal, if necessary, a brief and uncomplicated process. There is no network outage or downtime required for Evios installation.