Founded in 1945, FGM is a full-service architecture and engineering firm. FGM provides architecture, engineering and planning services to a diverse clientele. They assemble integrated professional teams who develop strong relationships and work collaboratively with the client to meet the client’s present and future needs. With six offices throughout Illinois, FGM is actively engaged in building communities.

Mike Caraker is the CIO for FGM. In 1998, he was charged with building a reliable and secure wide-area network for FGM’s multiple offices. At the time, large amounts of proprietary information would be sent from office to office via FTP for review and client approval.FGM did not have a full-time IT staff to build a network and address these challenges. They would need assistance with network design, implementation and maintenance.

FGM had to create a network that was reliable, fast and secure. Furthermore they needed compatible equipment that was easily managed from a central location. They trusted Networks By Design to select best-of-breed technologies to maximize performance and to establish a platform for future growth. Being vendor neutral, NBD proposed a solution that met FGM’s current and future needs. “The service I get from these guys is top-notch and I’d never consider using anyone else”, claims Caraker. “FGM has trusted the Networks By Design team with designing and protecting our wide-area network from the very beginning, almost six years ago, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Networks By Design has over 20 years of networking experience and Internet technologies. FGM leveraged that experience and know-how to design and implement a world class network while staying on budget, without the cost of having to add a full time IT staff. Building on a six year relationship, FGM continues to partner with Networks By Design for network support and planning.


FGM Architects/ Engineers

Architectural design and Engineering

Location and Size:
Oak Brook, Illinois
6 Offices, 75 employees

Business Requirements:

Networks By Design services: Network design, security, and support