Financial Network, Inc. has been providing highly focused business and technology services to the consumer credit and mortgage finance industryfor over 17 years. A continued focus on the consumer finance industry has enabled FNI to design, develop and implement sophisticated Industry: technology applications, the foremost being the automated processing and decisioning of consumer and small business credit transactions in real time. In the last 4 years alone, FNI has processed more than 50 million transactions with a total downtime over that period of less than 8 hours.

Katy Eggering is the Senior Network Engineer for FNI’s complex network. She must make sure that FNI’s network is available and secure for their clients 24x7x365. Transmitting financial data across the Internet in a secure and timely fashion is challenging. Keeping up to date on security threats, industry regulations and emerging technology can be a daunting task for network engineers. Ms. Eggering knew that she needed a partner who could configure and secure their network properly.

“Networks By Design has been a key partner to FNI. They’ve helped us design and secure a complicated network that handles sensitive data”, says Ms. Eggering. “We know that performance of our network is a critical component in our success which is why we needed a partner, rather than just a vendor."

Networks By Design has extensive experience with network configuration and security. “Being able to utilize NBD’s experience was a key factor in our decision to partner with them,” adds Eggering. “They are never more than a call away and have provided solid service in emergency situations.”


Financial Network, Inc.

Financial Services Provider

Location and Size:
St. Louis, MO
25 Employees

Business Requirements:

Networks By Design services: Network architecture, configuration and installation.